20 Most affordable MBAs in the UK 2022

20 Most affordable MBAs in the UK 2022

Thứ Hai, 01/08/2022

Looking for an affordable MBA course in the UK???

Here are a few universities in the UK that you may be interested in…

1. University Of Bolton: Bolton (city), Tuition fee - £14,450, Read more 

2. University Of Worcester: Worcester (city), Tuition fee -£14,400, Read more

3. York St John University: London (city), Tuition fee - £10,000, Read more

4. London Metropolitan University: London (city), Tuition fee- £16,255, Read more 

5. London South Bank University: London (city), Tuition fee- £15,400, Read more 

6. Ulster Uiversity: London (city), Bimingham, Tution fee- £13,750 (Bimingham), £12,250 ( London), Read more 

7. University Of West London: London (city), Tuition fee- £14,975, Read more    

8. Glasgow Caledonian University: London (city), Tuition fee- £14,500, Read more 

9. University Of The Highlands and Islands: Scotland (city), Tuition fee- £13,800, Read more  

10. Bath Spa University: Bath (city), Tuition fees- £16,300, Read more 

11. Tesside University: Middlesbrough (city), Tution fee - £14,300, Read more 

12. Stafforshire University: Stoke- On-Trent (city), Tuition fee- £15,500, Read more  

13. Northampton University: Northumpton (city) ,Tution fees- £16,000, Read more 

14. Leeds Beckett university: Leeds (city), Tution fee- £15,000, Read more 

15. London School Of Commerce: London (city), Tution fee- £6,950, Read more 

16. University Of Cumbria: Lancaster (city),Tution fee- £15,000, Read more

17. Glyndur University: Wrexham (city), Tution fee- £11,000, Read more 

18. University Of South Wales: Wales (city), Tution fee- £14,500, Read more 

19. Cardiff Metropolitan University: Cardiff (city), tution fee- £12,000, Read more 

20. University Of Bedforshire: Luton (city), Tution fee £15,400, Read more


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